Co workers dating in the workplace

Office Etiquette or Office Manners is about conducting yourself respectfully and courteously in the office or workplace First impressions are important!

But in a matter of weeks, her classes fell by the wayside; she couldn't get out of the office in time. With more than 100 lawyers on staff at her firm, fewer than five are single and do not have kids, says Allen, and overwhelmingly, those are the attorneys juggling the extra load.

If I have to cancel a date for work, that guy won't be around the next night.

I figured I'd be married by now, but I'm honestly working too hard to find the person I'd want to marry."It's the newest form of workplace discrimination: single women who carry an undue burden at the office, batting cleanup for their married-with-kids coworkers.

"My coworkers with families make a point to get home by dinnertime," says Allen, who often works through the weekends.

"But if they stay late, their families will still be there.

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