Cougar dating psychology

Their faces are no longer wrinkle-free and their tummies are not as toned as they once were, but the best days of their lives lie ahead - in one way, at least.

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As a single woman in her 60s I regularly date men ten years younger.

A seven-year age difference also separates Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger and Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton, while Kylie Minogue is ten years older than her beau Andres Velencoso, 32.

The psychologists behind the study surveyed almost 900 women about their attitudes to sex, including how often they fantasised and how likely they were to have a fling with a relative stranger.

" The cougars, it seemed, were only doing what came naturally.

Research suggests that men reach their sexual peak in their late teens, while women save it until their late forties.

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