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I took a little break - I was coming back to work and the last thing I was going to do was take a step backwards, so I knew that if I was going to take a feature it was going to have to be taking a step forward.

it’s “the story of four friends who are at the top of their game until the women in their lives enter the room.She was doing a lot of laughing during the interview, more than I’ve ever heard from her. My guess, Nia Long is very happy to be working (think Drama from Entourage to understand that from the acting perspective) and she’s also single, as she put it… Nia Long might NEVER want the San Antonio Spurs to win another ring ...telling TMZ Sports she sometimes roots for her fiance's team to lose in the postseason ... Nia's fiance' is former Spurs stud -- and current assistant coach -- Ime Udoka and when we got the two out on date night earlier this week we had to ask if she was secretly excited when the Spurs got knocked out of the NBA playoffs.

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