Dating scam love letters

Romance scammers are in this for one purpose only . Because of the easy money made from victims, scammers are well-to-do respected business men/women who quit their "normal" day jobs. They have a script to follow, just like telemarketers. When they are gone from the computers for any amount of time they are either looking up information in order to answer you or are consulting with a more experienced member of their "team".

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I am seeking to meet some one caring,faithful,communicative,loyal,generous,understanding,future driven,honest,truthful to be with in a long term relationship, Courtship or marrige , Some one with Good life principles to set an example to our children in the near future, God fearing person. Actually am from Ghana west Africa and not that am here for something or anything.I decided to move finally to US since 3years ago... While reading the following, if you answer "YES" to three (3) or more, you are involved and in contact with a scammer.I have a residence in both California, US and here in B. Some one presentable and good looking from inside and out side.I'm a good cook, I can prepare delicious meals like fried rice with Chicken, Can prepare beef burger, Can prepare pizza, Italian sea food, Can prepare red boiled beans with fried fish and fried plantian, Can prepare Samosa and etc. I am single , no kids, 5-6 ft tall, 128 lbs, 32 yrs of age, black hair and fair in color..

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