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You will allow yourself to become overloaded on information while never actually applying it.

Have some self control, do what you know you need to do and cut out the things you know you shouldn’t do2.

Learn these skills inside - taking practical tips and techniques away each week and applying them to your life - episode by episode.

Besides blog posts, videos, apps, and social media, podcasts are quickly becoming a necessary component for dating coaches and matchmakers to reach their target audience: singles looking for a date!

“Just be yourself” is the most common dating advice in the world. I also feel like I’m being scrutinized for every single thing I say, do, and for how I look. I really do care about people, and I like demonstrating it. But it doesn’t come out unless I’m comfortable enough with the people I’m with to reveal it. I can be talkative, but I prefer to listen rather than talk.

On dates I feel like I’m interviewing for a role and having to sell my qualities in order to make the cut. Complicating it for me is that I’m not particularly attractive. With hair, makeup and the right clothes, that would put me at about a 5. Personality-wise, my friends say I’m the nicest person they’ve ever known.

Each episode Angel interviews carefully selected experts from across the world, chosen for the quality of their advice and insights.

The self control to do the things you don’t want to do and to refrain from the things that you know will hinder your progress. If you do not have self control, you will get bogged down in a sea of information, never taking action, never getting out there and never making progress.I just say I work in academic administration, and that I’m content with my job.I try instead to ask leading questions to try and get the guy to talk about himself, and to show interest in what he says. I have all of the standard hobbies, but I’m not a standout in any of them. And while I have a doctorate, I don’t believe I’m extremely intelligent.The Dating and Relationship Advice podcast for high-achieving, conscious and purpose-driven single women looking for a committed relationship.Designed to bring you the best dating and relationship advice to help you overcome whatever obstacles might be holding you back from attracting and creating the love relationship you want.

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