Elite global dating complaints

The registering agent appears to be a corporate service company based in Henderson, Nevada.Since then, the owners of Ironwood Payments have contacted us with evidence that they have severed all ties with Elite Pay Global’s former owners and employees.Make sure to check it out before you make any decisions about Elite Pay Elite Pay Global, also known as International Payment Services, and previously known as Prime Pay Global, provides pretty basic merchant services.They don’t do anything to set themselves apart from the pack, and they don’t seem to provide an exceptional service or sales experience.

They tell you in large lettering on the homepage that they are “powered by First Data,” and they provide a link to their standard contract right below that disclosure.

I haven't met a decent match and decided not to continue with their service however they are claiming I was outside of the notice period - even though their online system wouldn't let me cancel when I was sill within the membership period.

I am now receiving emails demanding money and insulting automated replies. The only thing premium about the service is the price!

As a reseller of First Data’s payment processing services, you can’t really understand what you’ll get from Elite Pay Global until you do some research into First Data.

Lucky for you, we’ve got an in-depth review on First Data for your reading pleasure!

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