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Seldom talked about openly, not even between partners. Love Matters has proved a major hit in India, Africa and Latin America.

Now RNW starts breaking taboos in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Entitled "The Big Talk," the show is broadcast once a week over a satellite channel from Cairo, Egypt.

(Watch sexologist describe why sex is good )But even with that guideline, it's no easy sell.

Heba Kotb is tackling a taboo in the Arab world unlike anyone else: She's talking about sex openly on a show broadcast all over the Middle East. It took the 39-year-old mother three years of negotiations to get her show on the air.

It's a big first in these parts of the world, and Kotb leaves little uncovered."We talk about masturbation ... And a main reason she succeeded is that she talks only about sex allowed in the Quran -- sex between husband and wife.

Despite my efforts, I’d still missed that [tˤiːz] was a feminine noun.

As she adds, “if you really want to know a people you start by looking inside their bedrooms.” Of course, the “Arab world” is a huge place, and generalizations about those who live there are unwise.

Nonetheless, attitudes and beliefs stretch broadly, particularly around three redline topics that remain taboo: politics, religion and sex.

Not only does it use the breathy H-like fricative /ħ/ and its voiced counterpart /ʕ/ (more accurately an approximant made by pulling back the epiglottis, the flap that covers the windpipe when one swallows), but Arabic has a pharyngealized counterpart to most coronal consonants (the ones that use the tip of the tongue).

These consonants simultaneously pull the back of the tongue into the throat.

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