Gbd pipe dating

Basically, anything not already in production on the so-called deeming date of 15 March 2007 will have to be demonstrated to be "substantially equivalent" to those made previously.

It's unclear whether or not we'll be able to navigate our way through the flaming hoops put in our path, but the following blends are at risk, and may disappear in a couple years.

starts as a base of red and bright virginia leaf, seasoned with generous amounts of fine oriental tobaccos.

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He'd send out a mailer every couple of months with lots of pictures of beautiful pipes.It's almost impossible to decide because the escucheon shape for the two years is the same.I've been asked many times which of my blends are subject to future regulation, now that the new FDA have stuck their regulatory noses into our little corner of the world.His work has been taken up by Mark Irwin and Gary Malmberg who are currently working on a book on entitled, The History of the Kapp & Peterson Company and their system pipes.According to the Briar Books Press website the book’s release has been pushed back to Christmas 2015.

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