Healthy dating

Many of us enter into our first serious relationships during college.These relationships can be wonderful, enhancing the lives of those involved and providing support mechanisms for both parties.Forming healthy relationships can help teens learn important skills such as cooperation, appropriate behavior, compromise, sensitivity and the ability to understand others’ feelings.According to Michigan State University Extension experts, these skills can lead to future healthy relationships in adulthood. That’s what makes dating and being in a relationship feel good.There are circumstances, however, that are specific to the courtship period.Let me cite 17 suggestions that will help you avoid the common pitfalls among those who are trying to win the heart of another.Whether or not your teen or tween appears interested in having a boyfriend or girlfriend, he or she is likely feeling (or is at the brink of feeling) peer pressure to "date." Though it is easy to make light of boyfriend/girlfriend relationships at this young age, it may be a risky notion; as statistics show that one in three teens experience an abusive dating relationship prior to high school graduation.So while the conversation may feel a bit premature, it is critical to teach your child, at this early age, about healthy dating relationships.

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Teaching your child to expect respect and to not put up with anything less, will benefit him or her both in the short-term and in seeking a lifetime partner.

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Dating is a normal and important part of teen development.

For younger teens, dating is more about having fun, hanging out peers and exploring what they like.

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