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He once told me in confidence he was ‘a sort of High Priest of Minimalism’ – and I’ll not argue with that.It is an acknowledged fact that a good character animator should also be a good actor, and inside Bob Godfrey is a true thespian struggling to be seen and heard.People are using internet dating apps to have sex with numerous people every day - and it's leading to rampant promiscuity and sexually transmitted infections.In Brisbane, a doctor who campaigns for sexual health says he often treats patients who have sex with up to 10 people per day and using apps like Tinder and Grindr to do so is becoming more common.

There are these magical websites that all end in booru (danbooru, moebooru, genbooru etc) that have thousands of quality hentai pics and gifs for free, which can stored on your hard drive (I'm not advertising either, these websites are all over the place).

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If you combine that with the facts that this isn't even a game and some of these pictures aren't even that great, than I just don't see the point in the existence of this thing.

I could understand if this was just a gallery of art that you liked, but this submission is obviously aiming to be nothing more than pornography.

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