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This interview is actually quite good, I really enjoyed reading it.

I'm working on the dress." Asked if the couple have decided on the theme for their wedding, Bingham replied: "It's gonna be traditional. He wouldn't have been with the tattoo artist Kat Von D if she wasn't famous.

On Thursday, the "I know it's crazy that I became a clean and sober, hybrid-driving, animal-rescuing vegan who's super into meditating, but I'm glad I did.

I'm even happier that I get to spend so much time with a shockingly gorgeous and amazingly talented woman who is all of those things, kinda wild like me, and doesn't give a fuck how many teeth I really have.

The tweet sent to Kat Von D read: "I can't wait for Christmas so.... On the photo itself he left a further message saying that he'd be switching the diamond in the photo for a black one as soon as possible, followed by "I love you =D". There are plenty of marriages that have been shorter than the prior relationship, but given that they've only got 3 months of history so far, we've got high hopes that that's a hurdle their marriage will be able to get over. Remember just a few weeks ago, when TV tattooist Kat Von D announced her split from Deadmau5 very publicly on Twitter?

Please excuse me while I go squeeze the hell out of my fiancé!

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