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To be successful it is important to make that first impression a good one, and one way to ensure that you make the best possible impression is by displaying good manners when in public.Whether you are on a first date where you are trying to impress your date or if you are a salesperson looking to impress a potential client, displaying proper manners can help accomplish.Here are some of the more common mistakes guys make when trying to follow the standard dating etiquette for men, and what you should do instead.Quit being such a nice guy In an attempt to show good dating etiquette men will go out of their way to be “nice”.In the business world, it is important to have good manners when dealing with customers or potential customers.Some examples of good manners would be giving the customer their full attention when interacting with them, answering phone calls on a timely basis and responding to customer communications in a prompt manner.e all want to be in dating demand even if we are hooked up.Have you ever noticed those smooth, popular people with no more looks or money than you that always seem to be surrounded by hotter level dates than themselves?

You both love the thrill of hearing the air-hockey puck zing into your opponent's goal. A word of caution: DON' T BE PIKON, and learn to let your date win a few matches if he or she is. Not just to the waiters and waitresses, but everyone. SEEING A MAN GUZZLE DOWN BEER AFTER BEER DOESN' T AROUSE. If he tries shoving his tongue into your mouth, hurt him. Preferably someone who's bigger than your date, and who looks mean enough to intimidate a rabid pitt bull. If you've only got girlfriends or sisters, call them up but have at least two of them come over. [DO NOT EXPECT] A night straight out of a romance novel. It's best we remain acquaintances." -The HARSH WAY- 1. " You say "I'm booked for the next two years." 2. " You say, "No, I just remembered I'm MARRIED/ENGAGED/GAY." 3.MD Miss Prissy @ss' manners all originate from my original modeling/ charm school instructors, who were a real live bunch of Miss Prissy @sses teaching at "The Sears Discovery Charm School for Young Ladies" during the early 70's.I looked up the school on the web and it is still in existence and going strong! Rmember that whoever coined the phrase "common sense" was probably a genius, because I'm sure you've already observed, common sense isn't so common. Learn which utensil to use and when, so the cutlery stops intimidating you. EXCUSE YOURSELF FROM THE TABLE AND DO IT ELSEWHERE! If you're reaching the end of your rope because thw waiter botched your order for the nth time, breathe deep and calm down.

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    Communicate your expectations and hopes and get on the same dating page.