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Margarita Vladimirovna Levieva also known as Margarita Levieva is a Russian by nationality and has currently been accounted to reach the age of 35.

Her date of birth provided by various means of media is 9th February 1980 and her place of birth is Soviet Union, which makes her a Russian-American.

Another source tells Us the new couple "didn't leave each other's side" while at Taylor Schilling's 30th birthday party at NYC hotspot Catch Roof on Saturday, July 26.

As the ladies at MC continuously find fun and insightful ways to talk about the importance of being yourself and finding the right partner, we couldn’t think of better bedfellows for the Muse collection.We here at Muse were so impressed (and entertained) by what we heard, that we wanted to join the conversation and are proud to be a sponsor of their special “Sleep Series” of podcasts.Over the next nine weeks, The Margarita Confessionals will feature Ali and Lauren discussing the many ways sleep plays a role in their lives and the dating scene, including bedroom etiquette, sharing a bed with your partner, and much more.There are many pictures of her available on various celebrity sites taken on and off the set.As there are pictures and photographs of her in a sexy bikini to a very elegant and beautiful dress.

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