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Gill will examine the role of police-community partnerships in crime prevention in Appalachian Kentucky, work that complements her current research in Seattle and southeastern Kentucky into the role of community policing in crime prevention.

The federal Byrne Criminal Justice Innovation Program funds those projects.

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Parmer, PM, presented to the Brethren in attendance a discussion on the Masonic Calendar. I was asked to give tonight’s Masonic Education on our Blue Lodge dating system of “AL” as well as the dating systems of other Masonic apendent bodies.

I thank the Worshipful Master for his kindness toward myself.

Gill said the Carnegie award will support travel expenses for her new project and allow her to bring on a research assistant.

We have a different approach for you to meet singles safely.But her studies also pushed her in a different direction, one that brought the assistant professor in George Mason University’s Department of Criminology, Law and Society to what she called the shocking announcement she has been awarded a Carnegie Fellowship by the Carnegie Corporation of New York. Gill is one of 35 awardees out of 200 applicants for the prestigious award, which provides up to 0,000—the largest stipend of its kind, the corporation says—toward funding research in the social sciences and humanities.She is the second Mason professor to receive the prestigious Carnegie Fellowship, following Louise Shelley, founder and Director of the Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center, who received the award in 2015.Furthermore the expression means “In the Year of Light.” This date is calculated by adding 4000 years to the present Anno Domini Year or as Mackey’s calls the “Vulgar Era.” For those that may not understand Anno Domini, that means “In the Year of Our Lord.” I personally don’t find this Vulgar at all.Nevertheless my research also shows that people, Moderns like Dr. Desaguiers who wrote Anderson’s Constitution, first used this dating system to explain the history of Freemasonry.

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