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POF’s owner claims to have a team of Ph Ds working on the matching system, proving that they may be the POF scam we were looking for.

When the system yields a bunch of women who aren’t even decent matches to the profiles we created, and the ones that might remotely work don’t contact us back, we think it means the decent profiles are probably fake and the system doesn’t pick that up.

In any case, here’s to another year of community support for all singles everywhere, and the married friends who love them…

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So in a month marked by expressions of regret and half-intended resolutions not to repeat mistakes, I find myself crafting a challenge for the next twelve months: not to waste epistles on the unreceptive, or well-fashioned words on ears that resist their cadences.

Letters will still be written, within the confines of my journals or eternally ensconced within drafts folders, because in most cases, the writing of such missives is an emotional purge for a wounded heart; sending them into the world yields unsatisfying responses, if any at all.

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Here are some tactics to get the chick of your dreams to reciprocate.

During our POF review we found that it looks appealing at first, in that their front page displays four local possible matches (though they won’t actually be local if you use proxies or a tunneling protocol) before you even register.

On the lower third of the page, they also talk about how they’ve been featured in various media, including magazine covers. Of course, then you register, and that’s where it comes crashing down. The 13% contact rate, or sixty-five contacts, places it just below on our timewasters list.

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