Parker shotgun dating

In 1924, Hale's son, Arthur, joined the business and in 1926 a family record was set up when Hale and his two eldest sons took part in the "King's Hundred" at Bisley.This event was eclipsed two years later when Arthur Hale succeeded in winning the coveted prize itself. With the outbreak of World War II, the available resources of the gun trade had been mobilised to recondition a reserve of P14 rifles, and in 1940 the Parker-Hale Arms Company was founded. DD c 4 6 Right side looks like A , V, or No exposed hammer. Left and right side of frame has 2 dogs on point along with ornate engraving. Gun had a 6 where they show grade indicator should be. I like too feel that I'm a least semi-knowledgeable on the American SXS classics. Damascus steel Bottom of barrel / Top of latch 1 Left side looking from breach. Grade idea came from Parker Gun Collectors Association web site.Also, lower condition, high grade models sometimes have their values established by the potential gain in refurbishing these specimens.

General Specs: Parker, Year 1904, 16 Gauge, 6lbs 2oz, Side by Side Serial Numb ...An old cross bolt repair keeps the price of this dandy shooter low (I have pulled the wood and checked the repair and it is well done and sound). Click for more info Parker Brothers VHE "A1S Upgrade" in 20 Gauge.The shotgun, originally a VHE grade, was later acquired by Mr.Click for more info Parker Trojan 20 Gauge Sx S 1912, ORIGINAL FINISHES, NICE PRICE!General Specs: Parker, Year 1912, 20 Gauge, 6lbs 6oz, Side by Side Serial Number: 160817 Let’s face it, Parker d ...

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