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The last thing you want is to be showing friends and family your vacation photos and then accidentally give them an embarrassing glimpse of your naked mirror selfie.

To make sure these pics don't come back to haunt you, the rule of thumb is to delete them right away and to make sure your phone has a secure password on it.

And even if I could get uncensored information from private prison inmates, how would I verify their claims? "I just don't know no CO to pull out his pad every five minutes," he told me.

When prisons do let reporters in, it's usually for carefully managed tours and monitored interviews with inmates. Their records often aren't subject to public access laws; CCA has fought to defeat legislation that would make private prisons subject to the same disclosure rules as their public counterparts. In the future, if you decide to change your mind, you know the process." into Winn's front gate after I left town, the guard told him the assistant warden wanted to see him. Miss Calahan, who'd quit before me because she thought the job was getting too dangerous, wrote to me on Facebook: "Hey boy you got they ass lol." Another sent me an email: "Wow, Bauer! I don't even know what to say." I attempted to contact everyone who's mentioned in this story to ask them about their experiences at Winn. Others didn't respond to my phone calls and letters, and a few I could not track down. Corner Store insisted he and other inmates knew something was up all along.

You also have the option to set up a decoy password that launches a different set of pictures. Price: Free Unlike other apps, Gallery Lock Lite lets you put the app icon in "Stealth Mode," so it doesn't appear on your phone.

If you opt for this feature, you'll have to access the app by typing in an asterisk, your password and pressing "Call." Gallery Lock Lite will also catch a photo of any intruder with your phone's front-facing camera after three failed password attempts.

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Add in the fact that the cruise ship will spend several days of your trip out at sea — where there is no one out in the water to see you — and you’ve got every reason to add a little spice and have sex on the cruise balcony. This space at the bottom is to let any water or seaspray run though and the space at the top is to allow the wind to pass over without putting too much pressure on the privacy screen.

According to the book, Cameron confided in one of his aides, telling them: ‘If I’d known what it was going to be like, I wouldn’t have done it.’ Author d’Ancona discusses Cameron’s misgivings in detail in his book, writing: ‘In his bleaker private moments, Cameron was becoming savagely self-critical about his misreading of the party on gay marriage… But he was stuck with the measure now.’ The book, which details several conflicts within the coalition government, also reveals a rift between Chancellor George Osbourne and Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary.

The revelation on Cameron’s regret of same-sex marriage comes as a surprise following his vocal support for equal rights.

Yesterday (28 September) Cameron announced that Conservative-backed marriage tax breaks would be extended to same-sex couples in marriage and civil partnerships.

The same-sex marriage bill, which was not included in the Conservative manifesto, was voted through Parliament despite opposition from Conservative MPs, and received royal ascent in July.

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