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Thus it knocks down straw man arguments and uses logical fallacies that the authors must realize are just that.A major feature is trying to scare readers into believing that creation is a threat to science.

Then they sit back and wait as young people leave the church in droves.

She found many examples of inconsistencies and the Field Museum’s insistence that people support opinion as fact without proof.

The Field Museum pushes certain theories as if they are absolute proven law when that is not how the scientific method works.

Editorial note: The evidence for the destruction of Jericho at the time the Bible describes it and the way the Bible describes it is overwhelming.

Since it would be pointless to go into it any further—she’s an idiot, she homeschools her kids and she’s a fucking dingbat with her own You Tube channel so she can inflict her low IQ buffoonery on everyone else, these three things should suffice—here’s how Megan herself describes what you are about to see: In November 2014, Megan Fox toured the Field Museum’s “Evolving Earth” exhibit to audit it for bias.

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