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As a result, Seattle has only a few private schools like Lakeside, whereas Eastern cities of similar size and wealth are apt to have at least a dozen.

On the East Coast, an expensive private-school education is considered a rung on the ladder to upper-crust America, and in the halls of such places the quiet codes of high-society conduct are imparted along with lessons in trigonometry and French. She is describing for about 200 middle-schoolers a brainstorming session at which she and other eighth graders worked up a list of adjectives with which they hoped to describe their lives come the year 2005: relaxed, bold, talented, friendly, productive. And Lakeside is proud of its alumni, who include Bill Gates, his founding partner at Microsoft, Paul Allen, and Craig Mc Caw, the founder of Mc Caw Cellular Communications, bought last year by AT&T for .6 billion. It doesn't have the subtle Anglophile trappings -- the ones the East Coast prep schools make a point of not pointing to too expressively.

There are faded T-shirts and lots of neo-grunge flannel and every make of athletic shoe imaginable -- and not a blue blazer in sight.

With its red-brick New England-style buildings and its leafy campus setting, the Lakeside School, a private institution for grades 5 through 12 in north Seattle, looks like the quintessential East Coast prep school -- an Ivy League steppingstone from the other side of the continent. There is no one, in fact, who is dressed or talking as rich kids do, or are thought to.

But the similarities end at the tall white doors of the main building, called Bliss Hall. There are garden burgers being prepared in the cafeteria and scores of computers booting up and, on the stage in the community meeting room this particular morning in September, a girl named Katie Coxon.

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