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First it […] Read more » You’ve obviously always known you had a little penis but now that you’re an adult you have little penis humiliation fantasies.

Seems like an odd combination and if you experience this you probably even wonder if it’s something that’s wrong with you — it’s not, so don’t worry.

because I’m right here, eagerly waiting to hear your voice. I might want you to service me, to worship my divine pussy and give it the attention it so clearly deserves.

I can be whatever — quick and dirty phone fuck, shameless exhibitionist for you to watch as I make myself cum again and again, or just a cum-guzzling slut begging for your cock to fill all my holes . VERBAL ABUSE & HUMILIATION: I’ll be beyond cruel as I verbally abuse you to the point of climax over and over again. I’ll cum again watching you lap it up like the disgusting animal you are, so pathetically desperate for more . You have no idea when I’ll be back or how long I’ll make you suffer. Your deepest feelings and innermost desires — these are secrets only you and I will know. As your girlfriend I want to explore every crevice of your psyche and trace its contours as expertly as my hands and mouth navigate your gorgeous cock. I will be the first thing you think about when you wake up every morning, one hand already around your immediately hard cock .

You’re […] Read more » Toe sucking is simply suitable for submissive foot fetishists.

I am a dominant girl who loves rocking all sorts of shoes ranging from high heels to knee high boots and even sneakers from time to time to tease you into submission.

The thing is you have a sexual fetish or obsession, you could say […] How do you feel when you see a pair of gorgeous high heels? Do they leave you dying to bow down beside them and take in their aromas?Their names are usually chosen to create a mystery and class around their identity. A Domme usually is someone who likes to take control in the sexual fetish scene of BDSM.Her role is to humiliate you and maybe give you a little pain. The majority of people who have appointments with pro-dommes are usually men. Here is a list of reasons why people love to submit online to live Dominatrix cams. Many people in their everyday lives have to be in control. I could feel my flesh searing from the sting of the leather. “Now, I want you to fuck me hard,” I mused as I slid a pair of fingers across my dripping wet pussy....Bankers, politicians, doctors, there are endless lists of other careers where a person has to be in control. “This time, hit me like you’ve got a pair,” I spat back at him. Well, sexually submissive people are very strong, but in this one aspect of their life, they want to... While I like to administer a fair amount of pain to my boytoys and live fuckboys, one of my favorite sadomasochistic past-time is spanking. ” I admonished Miller, the handsome, young twenty-something standing over me with his hard cock in one hand and a BDSM paddle/slapper in the other. against my bare ass, which made me shudder with ecstasy.

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