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She is also in the process of working toward AASECT (American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors and Therapists) certification as a Sex Therapist under the supervision of Dr.

Stella Resnick, licensed psychologist and sex therapist who practices in Beverly Hills, CA.

(I) Basic Records Processing Functions: Case Document Scanning/Archiving; Case Management; Copy/Distribution Desk; Law Enforcement Agency Assistance; Public Records Assistance; Teletype Processing; Daily Crime Bulletin Preparation; Transcription Service Coordination; Uniform Crime Statistical Processing; Report Validation Services; Assembly of Prosecution Packages for DA Review and Court processing; Assess Business Workflow Needs and Architecting New Solutions; Assessing Ways To Leverage Technology to Improve Access Efficiencies; and enhancing the availability of Intelligence Led Policing Data Systems.

(II) The Type Of Tasks Performed Are: Report releases; Background checks for authorized Law Enforcement; Transcription of dictated police reports; Digital conversion of police documents; Case Management of police reports; National and Statewide teletype services; and Process requests for police reports, subpoenas and records checks for Public agencies and authorized private agencies.

Per California Vehicle Code Section 20012, collision reports may only be released to the following parties: Student Contact Analysis (SCA) reports prepared by the Fresno Police Department encompass an analysis of documented student contacts on the 18 campuses where the Fresno Police Department staffs Student Resource Officers (SRO’s).

When I paid a grand a month to live in a tiny SF room with no kitchen or bathroom, I could have instead been living in a three bedroom home to myself in Fresno where I’d use one of those rooms to stack all of the cash I saved not living in the Bay Area. Despite Fresno’s image of being a suburban sprawl/farmland mashup, a little indie pocket of the city has been blossoming here for years with unique shops, great food, interesting festivals (Rogue Fest, FTW), and awesome vintage neon signage (read also: Instagram-friendly). The Tower District’s hipsters are, on average, much less pretentious than Oakland's. Words like snowpocalypse and snowmageddon aren’t in a Fresnan’s vocabulary.I can also perform testing and assessment for intellectual capacity or personality tests.""Balance in body, mind, and spirit are central to wellness and happiness.Just like the kid in Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue,” I grew up a little tougher thanks to the constant taunting I’ve endured, being from Fresno. There’s nothing very classy going on in Fresno’s nightlife scene, but there are a lot of opportunities to throw some drinks back and run into everyone you went to high school with (#nostalgia).In addition I believe that humor and compassion can help you reach your full potential and specialized goals.I can help you with enhancing performance at work/sports/school, feelings of depression such as lack of energy and worrying, especially at night.

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