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Unfortunately, it seems that word hasn't spread quite far enough to reach the parochial city of Lincoln and its apathetic gig-goers (or, more simply, tonight's show has been drastically under-promoted), as those gathered in The Engine Shed's smaller Platform room only fill around a quarter of its 350 capacity.Still, undeterred, the Sex Pissed Dolls hit the stage at pm, one at a time, as 'Pretty Vacant's instrumentation is built up gradually, working the song into a crushing crescendo of punk rock fury, which signals Nancy's entrance.Against this discussion of mass, let us introduce the 2015 M6—it’s still big and porky, but it receives a light freshening this year, just as its four-door Gran Coupe and pedestrian two-door 6-series siblings do.Actually, light doesn’t even begin to describe the changes BMW has made to the M.We’ve sampled BMW’s embedded Go Pro camera controls in a new M3 sedan and found the widget nifty, if slightly restricted compared to the similar Go Pro i Phone app.There are no changes to the M6’s awesome powertrain.

Pictures from the ground show the engine on a Sky West plane clearly missing part of its cover.

The 964 was the first street 911 with coil-sprung suspension, replacing the traditional torsion bars.

The 964 chassis also retains Porsche's classic rear trailing arms, which disappeared in 1995.

“If we give up, it’ll disappear." This new edition will carry Mazda's biggest rotary engine yet, a 1.6-liter version using two 800 cc rotors.

The magazine reports this engine will provide around 400 horsepower, and that the car will weigh less than 2860 lbs., so performance should be outstanding.

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