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a great addition to E4's growing slate of entertainment shows," said E4's head of formats Dom Bird.

Upcoming Hangover 4 is a modern and highly expected American comedy about the continuing hilarious adventures of four friends.

After Hangover 3 release, the actor who played the leading character of the trilogy, Zach Galifianakis, apparently replied “No” to the question about a follow-up.

It shows significant problems from Thai fellow, who broke out of prison, serious money and masked kidnappers.

That is followed by a range of incredible events with lots of unusual twists and witty humor.

The second part continues the theme of the wedding.

While Bollywood had traditionally followed a model of releasing movies based on when the movie was completed the process has changed now.

Entry of Big Corporate Studios have meant that release dates are now announced 1 -2 years in advance.

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