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Male students have slept with an average of 3.75 partners while female students have an average of 2.52.

The study also found that there were nearly ten times the number of gay male freshers as there were gay females.

For over 450 years, students have been studying anatomy at Cambridge through whole body dissection.

But students find that they learn far more than just the architecture of the human body during their classes.

And if you consider its worldwide influence, then there is barely a city bigger in reputation. Today Cambridge attracts some of the brightest students from around the world, many of whom fall for the charms of the city and stay once their studies are complete.

If you want to meet singular singles, try dating in Cambridge!

Compare this to the rest of the country (19.7%) and you can see that there are some seriously sophisticated singles in Cambridge just waiting to be snapped up.

On average, Cambridge singles are well educated, and many are young professional singles with above-average incomes who work in high-tech research and healthcare in the city.

However, Cambridge is also an attractive city for commuters, with many Cambridge singles taking advantage of the rail link to London.

A hand-coloured copy of Vesalius’ 1543 Epitome – one of the most influential works in western medicine – and the first written record of a dissection carried out in England are among the objects in our latest film celebrating A study of the University of Cambridge anatomy collection dating from the 1700s and 1800s shows how the bodies of stillborn foetuses and babies were valued for research into human development, and preserved as important teaching aids.

Latest analysis shows that human limbs share a genetic programme with the gills of cartilaginous fishes such as sharks and skates, providing evidence to support a century-old theory on the origin of limbs that had been widely discounted.

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