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The drawings are so impressive—serving both as nuggets of information and tiny works of art—that one is grateful for and delighted by the appendix that describes the authors’ drawing process in full detail.

If youre looking for the many things you can do with a cape, Jane Gitlin offers invaluable ideas.

and several other illustrated books, teamed up with the Wisconsin Historical Society to choose twenty homes that represent the rich and varied history of Wisconsin architecture from 1854 to 1939.

Each of these indeed remarkable homes is presented in detail with stunning color illustrations, which include Zane Williams’s new photography of each impeccably preserved site, historical photographs of the homes from the time of their first residents, maps, and exquisite full-color elevations and plans hand-drawn by Connolly and Wasserman.

• • • •Illustrations by Rob Leanna INDIGENOUS MATERIALSAn artistic use of such materials as river rock, clinker brick, quarried stone, shingles, and stucco is common.

ARTISTIC NATURALISMMost bungalows are low and spreading, not more than a story-and-a-half tall, with porches, sun porches, pergolas and patios tying them to the outdoors.

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