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As someone who is intimidated by most cookbooks, I'll tell you why this book put me at ease: Beautiful color photography!I don't know why some cookbooks either have no pictures, or bad illustrations. And frankly, the pics look so tasty, itwas quite motivating. This was key for making me feel like the brown sugar and pineapple glazed ribs are obtainable. And, I didn't have to search high and low for the ingredients. Anyway, this cookbook put me as ease, and the result has been several dinner parties where my friend's jaws clearly dropped below the dinner table. Most cookbooks are black and white and don't have pictures for everything.Furthermore, healing is not affected by protection prayers (a hit that would otherwise deal 4000 damage will also heal 300).This curse will not heal more than 25% of the target's current life points in a single hit.

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Thank you, Tanya Holland, for inspiring me to cook more, and taking my flavors to an entirely new level!! I highly recommend it to anyone interested in expanding their repertoire to one of the most accessible yet distinctive and richly flavorful cuisines. This one is beautiful to look at and you will really want to execute the dishes because you can see what the finished product looks like.

The author is a highly accomplished chef and writes in a lively and engaging manner. I was able to pick it up and put together a menu for guests that was a great success. Delicious, beautifully photographed, to die for food.

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