Updating tiers

Upgrades the plan of a production database while keeping Postgre SQL version the same.Only works with Standard, Premium, Private, or Enterprise tier databases (or legacy production databases). Requires several hours to prepare a follower (during which an application can remain active), and less than 1 minute of downtime during the changeover.There are three different upgrade processes available.In all cases, some amount of application downtime is required so that no data is written to the new or old databases during the changeover. Required for upgrading Hobby tier databases (hobby-dev and hobby-basic) within the Hobby tier and to the production tier.After all, a customer booking an entire week should get a slightly better rate than a customer booking just the one night, no?

They are particularly important as they are what determine the number of days for each of the different tiers.Simply select the desired service tier and performance level and then click Save.The process of upgrading a deployed data-tier application (DAC) to a new version is simpler than when using scripts to deploy databases or database changes.Can be used for upgrading legacy infrastructure and/or upgrading Postgres versions.Requires downtime of about 3 minutes per GB, though this can vary substantially.

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