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Deneken and a colleague have their own company, Die Gute Fabrik, and while others among the collective work at a studio they call Copenhagen Game Productions (for now; the name seems set to change to avoid confusion with the Collective), some of the projects they do are for showcases and festivals, never intended to be commercial at all.

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That way you have the best chances of finding someone through online dating.The textures are painted by artists or created from scans of real skin or bodies. Ieira’s untitled VR sex game, currently under development[/caption]Unlike current VR Porn, which isn’t actually Virtual Reality because you can only watch it from a fixed position, these VR games are true Virtual Reality.In all of them, you can move your viewpoint to wherever you want within the scene.At Nordic Game Jam in 2009, Deneken and Wilson showed their "silly multiplayer flash game" (as Wilson describes it), 5 Minute MMORPG.And by the middle of the year, they had such a crew gathered that they decided to unite under the banner of the Copenhagen Game Collective. Wilson stresses that the collective is not a "company", but a "constellation" -- like a record label for video games.

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