Webalizer not updating

Unzip the downloaded file and place just the maps zip file into a mods folder, move the 2 information text files to your desktop or somewhere safe. The map is tested log error free if you have a problem in the map look for something else as the cause and use your file for clues. Seed and Fertilizer supply at the Midland Barn Added, this cost's you money. If you update to this minor fixes you will need to start a new game due to the edit of the tip mask and ground collision map. Overloading pipe added to the greenhouse water tanks. Chopped straw updated to the latest and chopped straw added for all multifruits. Pig food mixer output raised to prevent most tall vehicle hitting it. The files which can be used are career Save Game.xml, and You will need Farmer_Andy's Kotte Universal Tanker mod for FS2017 for this map. New grassed meadow owned and defined field created at the rear of the cow zone. Sales points adjusted slightly where needed to provide a cleaner PDA map.

It features rich user management, graphical reporting, accounting, and integrates with Google Maps for geo-locating (GIS).

Do not copy any other files into the new game save folder.

This is only to be done if you have a Pine Cove Final Game save already do not do this if you are updating from a non Final version of the map or are unsure how to. No part of this map is to be edited or extracted and re-uploaded publically at all without prior permission.

Webalizer statistics is not updated for the domains that were migrated/transferred from another server.

It may occur if the source server's version of Webalizer is newer than the one on destination server.

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