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If you determine to flash BIOS, you are taking a personal risk of BIOS flash failure.Please contact your supplier or our distributors/resellers for further remedy in case system crashes unfortunately because of BIOS flash failure.The only client requirements relate to the actual BIOS update file. If you are ready to get your BIOS updates under control, keep reading! In the past, we’ve covered creating a central Group Policy store and a central hardware/drive store. Before getting started, you will need a list of every model that you support.If you don’t have a list, you can use Active Directory to inventory this type of information.The whole BIOS updating procedure should be treated with extreme caution.If you do not encounter any system instability or bugs with the current BIOS version, we suggest that you keep it.You can modify settings for hard drives, RAM chips, the CPU and other hardware.Note: Occasionally you will need to install a previous version before updating to the latest version.

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Depending on who you talk to, you’ll quickly find that there is no one answer.I definitely did not want to be in a position where we were manually updating BIOS versions.Here is a solution to update your BIOS versions using a Configuration Manager task sequence.You will then be prompted to enter the recovery key to progress and the system will ask for this on each reboot.If the recovery key is not known this can result in data loss or an unnecessary operating system re-install.

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