Who is jane lynch dating

Lara Embry took a turn into “unfriendly” territory, their union is now officially dissolved. star’s former wife will get fifty percent of the funds in a number of bank accounts, including a 401(k); fifty percent of Lynch’s TV royalties; fifty percent of their ,810 tax refund; their yacht club membership; and the family dog. More than a year after the divorce proceedings between Jane Lynch and her estranged wife Dr.because Embry is making a full-court press for Jane's bank accounts -- to the tune of ,809 a month in spousal support!

They've agreed to sell their membership to the Mulholland Tennis Club and will split the profits. Lynch will get to keep the the former couple's marital home, a 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid and a 2013 Audi, per court documents.Embry also says when she married Lynch, Jane told her she had 0,000 in her savings and 401K combined, and owned her home.Embry says of her "Glee" wife, "Her income, investments and assets increased dramatically with her newfound acting success." Embry -- who says she wants Jane to support her in the lifestyle to which she gladly became accustomed -- says during their marriage Jane paid for everything, including lavish vacations.The host announced her separation from her then-wife of three years in June 2013.The following month, Lynch filed for divorce, citing irreconcilable differences.

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